Password Security

Service Specifications

The Password Security Service (powered by Keeper) helps to provide organisations with an additional level of security to enhance the enforcement of robust password security throughout the enterprise to every endpoint and by giving them the tools which help to prevent password-related data breaches and cyber threats.
The features of this of this service which enable anorganisation to do so include:

  • A Keeper Enterprise Password Manager license, accessible from unlimited devices.
  • Separate encrypted secure password vaults for every user
  • 5 Free Family licenses for every licensed user.
  • Installation guides and resources on the website, including How To Video’s
  • Ongoing Educational Training Video’s sent by email (optional, by request)
  • Optional Guided Setup to assist you with account set up and training (see service description Here)
  • UK Office Hours Email and Telephone Support service which includes:
    • Set up of initial users and accounts
    • Set up of additional users and removal or transfer of leavers (on request)
    • Assistance with resetting user passwords and access, including your account multi-factor authentication.
    • Automatic adjustment of billing based on used licenses
  • Dark Web Monitoring, using a technology called BreachWatch.  It constantly scans employees’ Keeper Vaults for passwords that are known to have been exposed on the dark web and immediately alerts them to take action and helps protect your organisation.
    • Utilises Keeper’s proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture to help protect stored information
    • Helps to provide enterprise-level risk assessment and visibility
    • Can integrate with Advanced Reporting & Alerts for notification of high-risk passwords
  • Secure storage of Payment Cards, Driving Licenses, Passports and other documents that need protecting.
  • Ability to securely share any information held in your Vault with your teams and other key people.
  • Admin ability to transfer passwords for leavers
  • Access from Unlimited Devices
  • Standard Two-factor authentication (2FA) for logging into the app, which can be enhanced with Advanced Two-Factor Authentication (DUO & RSA)
  • Other features:
    • Folders and Subfolders
    • Advanced Reporting Capabilities
    • Policy Engine and Enforcements
    • Security Audit
    • Activity Reporting
    • Team Management
    • Delegated Administration
    • Advanced Organisational Structure
    • Share Admin
    • Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) Authentication
    • Automated Team Management
    • Active Directory and LDAP Sync
    • Azure Integration
    • SCIM Provisioning
    • Command Line Provisioning
    • Developer APIs

The service excludes:

  • Accessing or exporting any data
  • There are some things we don’t include as part of the service, but can provide assistance at our standard hourly rates.  This includes things such as:
    • Setting up or running reports.
    • New set ups and training on how to effectively use the service. We have an optional guided setup available – see Here.
    • Recovery of accounts created directly with Keeper instead of via our invitation email.
    • Recovery of data or accounts after they have been deleted, either due to non payment or request for cancellation.
  • Support for the free family accounts as we have no access to, or visibility of that service.


Billing is done monthly per licensed user, allowing users access to the application across all their devices for a single license fee. Please note the following:

  • The quantities are adjusted monthly so you only pay for the people you have protected.
  • In order for us to adjust the billing to the correct numbers, you do need to notify us when users leave.
  • If you need to add new users to the platform, please raise a support ticket by emailing and we will increase the licenses and send the invite to the new users.