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Hundreds of security specialists operating 24/7 to protect you
Latest threat intelligence protects you from new and evolving threats
Up to 5 layers of protection to suit your business and budget

Cyber crime is growing quickly, evolving continuously and could inflict serious losses on your business.

Safeguard your money

Hackers want to get your cash but the financial costs don’t stop there. If your business goes offline or there are fines for non-compliance the damage could be severe.

Secure your

If hackers get access to your data they can make it inaccessible and hold you to ransom for it. Recovering sensitive data wastes time, resources and money that you could be investing in your business. 

Protect your reputation

Your clients and partners are at risk too if your data isn’t secure. Rebuilding trust after a data breach takes time and money. It could mean lost business. In some cases, it’s irreparable.

3 Simple Steps to Secure your Business


Select services


Quick and easy set up


Feel secure

If you’re worried about losing your money, your data or your reputation – it’s time to get protection.

Computer Security

Viruses are not the only threat to your computer.
New malware is invented every second to damage your business systems through your computers and servers. Our Computer Security service combines software, AI, the latest cyber intelligence and 24/7 human vigilance to keep your systems safe.  We hunt for known and unknown threats and shut down cyber attacks within seconds.
£ 14.97 per computer per month
Need some help with set up?

We can help you get up and running with your Computer Security.  In the 30 minute session, we will help you get the software installed on one computer and learn what to expect from our Managed Service moving forward, at a discounted rate!

£ 27.00 per computer (was £ 90)

Password Security

It’s time consuming and inconvenient to generate secure passwords and remember them for all your accounts.

Password Security automatically generates unique and secure passwords for every online account and app you use and stores them securely.  You’ll only need to remember one password to access everything from any of your devices.

£ 5.97 per user per month

Need some help with setup?
We can help you get up and running with your Password Security. In the one hour session, we will get it setup, import your main passwords, help you set up your Multi-Factor secure authentication and show you how to use your Password Manager effectively, all at a discounted rate!

£ 47.00 per user (was £ 175)

Email Security

94% of cyber attacks arrive via your inbox but they are notoriously hard to spot and you or anyone in your team could open a malicious message at any time.

Our Email Security service removes 99% of attacks before they reach your inbox and quarantines the rest while our security specialists clear them of risk.

In order to get your Email Security working effectively, there is a one time set up, which we have included for each email domain that needs protecting in Office 365 or Gmail.

£ 9.47 per mailbox per month
+ FREE setup - normally £90

Backup and Recovery

Your data is not automatically backed up in the Cloud as many people believe.

Criminals can hold you to ransom if they hack your account and get access to your data.   Backup and Recovery creates a secure copy of all your Office 365 or Google data so you can recover lost emails, contacts, calendar and files whenever you need to, no matter when or why they were lost.

In order to get your Backup and Recovery working effectively, there is a one time set up, which we have included for each email domain that needs protecting.

£ 5.97 per mailbox per month
+ FREE setup - normally £ 90

Cyber Security Training

Cyber crime is constantly evolving and having the best security means training your human firewalls.

Combining savvy, cybercrime-aware teams with the best managed security services gives you and your business the best protection possible.  We’ll assess your team’s awareness of cyber crime by sending regular simulated phishing attacks and related training.  This builds their understanding and recognition of malicious emails. With just 3 minutes a week, you will reduce mistakes by 90% in 6 months to make your business more secure.

Your Cyber Security Training has to be configured according to your unique company requirements, which we can only determine once we engage with you, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

Contact us to discuss your needs on 020 3195 0555 today

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Francis West, CEO

Cyber crime is doubling every 24 months

We know that worrying about cyber crime is an unwanted distraction.  We believe that you deserve the freedom to focus 100% on your business and shouldn’t lose any time worrying about getting hacked.  

Our mission is to help SMEs get the protection they need to feel their business is secure. 

That’s why we spent years researching and selecting the best security products on the market and created Security Everywhere to bring you managed security services. 

Our unique combination of software solutions, cyber crime intelligence and team of cyber security specialists will protect you against an ever growing and evolving threat to your business.

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