About us

We're on a mission to protect small business.

Someone close to us nearly lost his business.  He was hacked and it was a devastating experience. 

Thank goodness it didn’t happen…but we know what it’s like to live in fear of losing everything.

So, for us NOTHING is more important than the freedom to run a business without having to look over your shoulder all the time and worry about getting hacked.  

We are a small team focused 100% on security.

Cybercrime is an ever evolving and fast growing business. 

With every new technology, system or change in our online behaviour there’s a new hack to take advantage of it. That’s why we keep a vigilant watch on cyber crime from the inside, collaborating with and helping national cyber teams and using out intel to keep our clients’ businesses safe.    

Our goal is to give SMEs the same protection afforded to big enterprise.

Like your business, ours turns on trust. 

Our suppliers, chosen carefully by us, choose us with care too. With their help, we bring you the latest and the best security solutions – developed for large enterprises and typically only available to them. Including SentinelOne, X and Y.

Meet your team

At the core of our offering is our Security Operations Center (SOC) with over 100 staff across 4 different locations so you can rest assured you are ‘Cyber Safe’ with Security Everywhere.

Francis West - CEO

A trusted leader in cyber security, Francis’ knowledge, relationships and experience shape our unique service.

Francis wants everyone to be cyber safe and never stops educating people about cyber crime.
For thrills you’ll find him karting and for pleasure, with a bottle of fine South African wine.

Graeme Ison - COO

Graeme is the driving force behind our technology and strategic partnerships.

He is obsessed with creating great customer experience, at every touch point.

A super competitive soul, Graeme loves to win on the race track, up a mountain or wherever he can find a challenge.

Ben Beer - Security Manager

Ben’s role is to listen, understand your needs and apply our security services to your business.

He’s on a mission to make the best cyber security available and affordable to everyone, everywhere!

When he isn’t studying for his CISO qualification you can find him playing footie.

Alex Kuklinski - Service Manager

Alex manages customer projects and our Support operations.

Teamwork and the processes that make teamwork successful are his sweet spot. It’s how he delivers exceptional service, in every circumstance.

Alex is seriously into modern history, gaming and sport

Trusted by National Cyber Security teams

We put ourselves at the heart of the Cyber Security industry, consulting with and for expert partners on national and international cyber security panels and developing relationships with leading cyber security providers.

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
Fortis Panel Member

Regional Police Cybercrime Units

National Lead for Cyber Security

Worshipful Company of Information Technologists

Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre