Protecting you from cybercrime

The reality of today’s world is that hacking is a common and frequent activity. Most people either have been hacked or know someone who has been hacked.

At Security Everywhere we see our role as providing you with the tools you need to protect yourself from criminal activity online. As a team of technology experts, we were inundated with calls for help from people who had experienced cyberattacks, which sparked the birth of our mission to educate and protect you and your business from cybercrime.

We keep you ‘Cyber Safe’ using well tested, best of breed solutions that identify, respond, and swiftly eliminate threats using the latest technology.


Our values keep you safe

The values of our business ensure we stay ahead of the ever-changing cyberthreat landscape, providing you with the total protection you need to stay Cyber Safe.


We are passionate about educating and protecting both people and businesses from cybercrime. We advise and provide solutions to businesses like we would to our own family.


We have a deep knowledge, and understanding of the cyber security industry from a threat and defence perspective. We are associated with the best agencies, people and businesses in the industry.


We work tirelessly to understand new threats and find new technologies to combat them. We constantly improve our service by embracing the ever developing cyber security industry.


The world is changing at a rapid pace, be it technology or consumer habits, we are nimble and open, keeping up with, and reacting to industry, market, consumer, and criminal evolutions.


Every decision is made with the customers security, and experience in mind. Customer interaction must consistently be reflected in our actions, displaying integrity and trustworthiness.

Meet your team

At the core of our offering is our Security Operations Center (SOC) with over 100 staff across 4 different locations so you can rest assured you are ‘Cyber Safe’ with Security Everywhere.

Francis West


Francis has spent more than 30 years providing technology and cyber security solutions to his customers.

Francis’ passion is to educate people and businesses on the importance of cyber security.

Everyone needs a break
sometimes and it’s in these moments, you may well see him whizzing around a karting track, drinking fine South African wine with his friends, or building projects out of old pallets.

Graeme Ison


Graeme is the driving force behind our technology innovation and strategic partnerships.

Graeme is dedicated to improving both customer and internal experiences by bringing together technologies that create efficiencies and solve everyday problems.

Graeme loves competition and the great outdoors. Regularly pushing to the limit to get faster times around race tracks or quicker mountain ascents, he can be found anywhere there is a challenge.

Ben Beer

Security Manager

Ben provides the consultancy and delivery of security services that keep customers protected.

Ben is extremely passionate about making the best cyber security protection available and affordable to everyone, everywhere!

When Ben is not playing football, his hobby is staying one step ahead of cyber criminals, learning as much as he can every day. Ben is currently working on his CISO qualification.

Alex Kuklinski

Service Manager

Alex manages customer projects and the support teams.

Alex is all about teamwork, and the processes that make teamwork successful. It’s how he manages an internal team that works alongside 100’s of experts in our Security Operation Centres around the world to deliver exceptional service.

Along with gaming and sports, you can also find Alex consuming everything and anything that is to do with modern history. ​

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