Password Security Guided Setup

Service Specification

Security Everywhere will provide you with remote assistance to help you get up and running with the Password Security Service (powered by Keeper).

We offer a 1 hour remote session with one of our password security trainers to help one user get setup on a single computer.  As part of this session we will:

  • Get one browser set up with the Keeper plugin;
  • Help you set up your account securely with 2FA and your secret recovery question and answers;
  • Import your passwords from your browser or other password manager;
  • Show you how to change passwords that are insecure or have been flagged by BreachWatch;
  • Show you how to remove passwords from your browser and stop it prompting to save passwords;
  • Show you how to set up sharing groups with permissions (if required);
  • Show you how to hide passwords when sharing;
  • Show you how to share passwords externally;
  • Show you how to set up and store Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) codes;
  • Assist you with setting it up on a mobile device including logging once to test functionality;
  • Show you where to set up the free family accounts;
  • Bookmark the Security Everywhere Resources web page for easy access to training videos, quick start guides and full user guides;
  • Record the session which can be used later for internal training (on request).

There are a few things we don’t include in the onboarding that either require us to have access to your personal information, or would increase the time required for the setup. We could potentially help you at our standard hourly rates, or via an ad-hoc support agreement for those items you want help with, such as:

  • Resolving password issues, such as insecure passwords or those flagged by BreachWatch.
  • Removing duplicates from your vault once they are all imported.
  • Deleting all the original passwords from the browser or previous password manager.
  • Rectifying any issues on the computer.

If assistance is required after the on-boarding call, we can either offer you an ad-hoc support agreement with block hours purchased in advance for a discount, or just help out at our standard hourly rates.


Please make sure these things are done prior to booking the on-boarding call.

  •  If you do not already have a mobile Authenticator application, please download one from your mobile App Store (if you have a smart phone).  We usually use the Microsoft or Google Authenticator applications, but others such as Authy or Duo are good alternatives.
  • If you wish to access your passwords on your smartphone, please download the Keeper Password Manager application to your mobile device.


Billing is done as a one off cost per user with a Password Security license.