Email Security

Service Specification

Our Email Security service (powered by CheckPoint) helps to protect your Office 365 and Google Workspaces (including OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Teams) from cyber attacks. The service uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and Machine Learning (ML) to help protect you from attacks such as Phishing, Malware, Ransomware, Social Engineering and Spam, managed and protected by our UK based security team who will analyse all your email release requests.

Your Email Security service helps to protect you from advanced phishing, malicious links and files as well as helping to provide Zero Day threat protection with Sandboxing. Powered by CheckPoint, this service includes:

  • Patented inbound security, preventing delivery of malicious emails to your inbox;
  • Assistance in securing all email – incoming, outgoing and internal;
  • UK Office hours Email and Telephone Support, which includes:
    • Email Release Requests, including detailed analysis with explanations given when the request is denied. Please include as much detail as possible to help us with our analysis in your release requests.
  • Advanced AI-based anti-phishing;
  • Anti-spam filtering;
  • Known malware prevention (Antivirus);
  • Helping to protect against Malicious URLs (URL Reputation);
  • Helping to protect against URL click-time attacks (URL Rewriting);
  • Helping to protect against zero-day malware (File Sandboxing);
  • File sanitization (CDR) – By removing the executable content from the document, the file becomes safe for the recipient, making it possible to send it on to them without risking malware delivery;
  • Helping to protect against zero-day malicious URLs (URL Sandboxing);
  • Automated weekly reports (on request);

There are a few things we don’t include as part of the service, but can provide additional assistance, either via our ad-hoc support agreements at reduced rates, or we can help at our standard hourly rates. Thes include any type of support outside the Email Security Release Requests, such as:

  • Changes to any email security records such as SPF, DMARC, DKIM or BIMI;
  • Security help for email addresses not covered by the service;
  • Fault finding for email deliverability;
  • Changes to email security protection scope unless we are informed of changes.


Billing is done monthly per licensed mailbox.

  • The Email Security Service is based on protecting all licensed mailboxes in your email tenant to avoid having any security holes in your email system.
  • The billing is automatically adjusted on a monthly basis and will include any new licensed mailboxes that have been added or removed.
  • As users start or leave, you will need to adjust your licensing on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspaces. These adjustments will in turn adjust our automatic billing based on the number of licensed mailboxes.
  • Google Workspace customers need to provision an additional license to allow the Email Security Service to protect the systems.  Office 365 gives the option to use an unlicensed mailbox, so the same does not apply.