Computer Security Guided Setup

Service Specification

Security Everywhere will help you get up and running with your Computer Security service. We offer up to 30 minutes to help you get the security software installed on one computer and learn what to expect from your managed Computer Security service moving forward.

As part of this service, we include:

  • Removal of existing AntiVirus, excluding Windows Defender;
  • Installation of the Computer Security agent on one computer (per quantity purchased);
  • Initiate initial scan to see if there are any immediate existing threats;
  • Advise on next steps as necessary if threats are found;
  • Provide advice on good practices for computer security;
  • Removal of agent in the extremely unlikely event of any conflicts or problems found because of installation.

There are a few things we don’t include in the Guided Setup, usually because they can take a long time to complete, or they requires additional access to your computer. If you would like additional help with this, we offer ad-hoc support agreements at reduced rates, or we can help at our standard hourly rates. These include items such as:

  • Updating computer with latest updates. This should be updated prior to our session so there are no delays waiting for updates to complete.
  • Support for things such as:
    • The computer not working properly;
    • Connectivity issues;
    • Fixing other problems or issues on the computer which are not related to our Computer Security service.

If assistance is required after the on-boarding call, we can either offer you an ad-hoc support agreement with block hours purchased in advance for a discount, or just help out at our standard hourly rates.


Billing is done as a one off cost per licensed computer.