Backup and Recovery 365

Service Specification

Our Backup and Recovery for 365 service is designed to help you protect Microsoft 365 users from data loss. We help you backup, retain and restore your data for you on demand. The service is powered by Cove from N-Able.

Your Backup and Recovery Service includes:

  • Daily backups of:
    • Exchange – email, contacts and calendars up to 6 times per day;
    • OneDrive data up to 4 times per day;
    • SharePoint data (including Teams files and data stored in SharePoint) up to 4 times per day;
  • Daily checks to ensure backups are running successfully;
  • We avoid backing up suspicious files. The backup platform works with the Microsoft Windows Defender anti-malware engine to guard against restoring potential malware into your production environment;
  • UK Office hours Email and Telephone Support, which includes:
    • Restore on Demand. Please be aware you need to give us specific date, time, file or email subjects and locations, as we cannot search your backups to try find unknown files. We will restore specified files or emails, contacts and calendars.
  • We retain and can recover your data for up to 7 years. We will only hold the data from the time the service is instated and cannot find or recover any data that may have been removed prior to that time;
  • Data is stored in cloud storage in a region local to you, either UK or Europe.

This service does not include:

  • Backup of any other computer or cloud data not held within Office 365;
  • There are some things we can help with which are not included in the cost of service, but we can assist at our standard hourly rates, or through an ad-hoc block hour agreement, such as searching backup data to locate files or emails. We can only recover files if you know roughly when it was deleted along with the file names and location.


Billing is done monthly per licensed mailbox.

  • The Email Security Service is based on protecting licensed mailboxes in your email tenant.
  • This is automatically adjusted on a monthly basis and will include any new licensed mailboxes that have been added or removed.

    Please note the following:

    • You can choose to only backup certain mailboxes in the tenant, but this will mean that new mailboxes will not automatically be added;
    • Should you choose to backup only selected mailboxes, you will need to notify us when you add or want to remove mailboxes, or the backups will only apply to the list you previously supplied;
    • Should you opt for the full tenant backup, the billing will automatically adjust each month based on the mailboxes and SharePoint sites;
    • When you adjust your licensing on Microsoft 365 as users leave or as new people start, this will in turn adjust our billing to remove any un-licensed users or shared mailboxes. However, if an un-licenced user still has permissions to a SharePoint site, this is counted as an additional billed backup. To avoid this, you need to adjust your SharePoint permissions to remove any old or unlicensed users.