Password Manager

Create varied, strong passwords for every website and
app you use - ones you don’t have to remember for yourself.

Powered by Keeper, rated on Gartner

To make it difficult for hackers you need to choose a very complicated and long password. But it is also important to use unique passwords for all your accounts. And writing them down can be very dangerous. Our password manager generates and stores long complicated passwords for each website and app you use. You only need to remember one password.

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Password Manager

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  • Create and save random, complex passwords
  • Private, encrypted password Vault
  • Share passwords securely with other users
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Use on all your computers or devices

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is the link to the Keeper documentation on how to reset the master password in either the Web Vault or from your Mobile application.

Here is the link to the official Keeper documentation explaining how the folders and shared folders work:

Self Destruct is a safety feature within Keeper that will destroy the records on your device if you enter your password incorrectly more than 5 times.  This helps prevent any unauthorised access in the event you misplace or lose your device.  You can recover this data by correctly entering your Master Password, Security Answer and 2 Factor Authentication (where applicable).  Your data will then sync back to your device.

If you delete a record either on purpose or by accident, the record will appear in the owner's trash bin. To restore a record from the trash, select 'Deleted' from the main vault navigation menu and then click the 'Restore' button on the record you need to recover.  If you have emptied your Trash, the record will not be recoverable.

It means that your password has become available for sale somewhere on the internet, usually on the Dark Web.  This can potentially lead to account takeover or identity theft.  Our Password Protection constantly monitors your passwords across all devices to see if any of them have been made publicly available.  If this is the case, you will be prompted to change this password.

To import passwords from your web browser, you must first install the Keeper Import Tool. To begin the installation, from the Account Dropdown Menu, click Settings > Import > Import. If you came fresh into the Web Vault, you can download the import tool by clicking Install

The main reason is security.  If you don’t log out of all your browsers on every device you have, anyone can read your passwords and even export them.  Other reasons are for cross platform support so you can use your passwords on multiple browsers and device types.  It also enables password sharing amongst your team in your company or within your family at home.

We will set you up on your own secure password portal and send across two emails.  One will be an invitation to log in to this new portal and the second will include instructions and links to guides to help you make the most of your Password Protection.

It will usually take less than 5 minutes to get set up and working, including installing the App on your phone and the Browser Extension in your web browser(s).

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