How much will Cyber Security Cost Me? 

By | Published On: 12 December 2022 | 6.3 min read |

Are you a small business owner who’s worried about cyber security? With all these hacks and breaches making the headlines, it’s crucial to ensure we’re all doing our part to keep our digital treasures safe, no matter how big or small our empire is. But how much does cyber safety cost? 

In this article, we’ll have a chat about why good cyber security practices are a must for your business and give you the lowdown on the money needed to beef up your digital defences. 

How much does it cost, you ask? Well, it’s a lot less than you might think!

But first, know your cyber enemies, Hackers, scammers, and phishers! 

There’s a whole bunch of digital nasties out there, and they’re after your precious data. 

Ransomware, keyloggers, and social engineering can cause a proper financial headache if you don’t catch them early. And that’s not even mentioning the damage to your reputation, loss of customers, and potential lawsuits. While it’s impossible to get rid of all cyber threats, knowing your digital enemies is half the battle. 

We’ve got a little cheat sheet for you here on the main types of cyber threats and how they can muck up your day:

●     Hackers: Sneaky sorts who use dodgy software to break into computer systems and pinch data or cause chaos

●     Scammers: Con artists who use tricks like phishing emails, phone calls, and fake websites to get their hands on your personal info or hard-earned cash

●     Phishers: Cheeky chaps who send fake emails pretending to be from legit companies, trying to swipe your passwords and credit card numbers

●     Ransomware: Nasty software that locks up your files until you cough up the ransom

●     Keyloggers: Sneaky programs that record every keystroke on your computer, trying to nab sensitive info like usernames and passwords

●     Social engineering: Crafty criminals who use mind games to get access to secret info or restricted areas

As a small business owner, it’s crucial to have top-notch cyber security measures in place to guard your data and digital treasures.

And this is why computer, email, and password security, along with backups, are all essential for keeping your business safe from cyber threats. 

There’s a cost to all this, so we’ll also help you figure out if it’s worth it for your particular needs. 

Ready for a digital deep dive? Let’s go! 

Email security: A necessary evil? 

With a whopping 94% of cyber attacks coming via email, it’s clear that locking down your electronic post is a must. AI and machine learning can help spot dodgy emails, block phishing attempts, and slam the door on malicious attachments. Plus, having a top-notch security team in place can help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new cyber threats. In short, good email security is worth its weight in gold. 

What’s in a good computer security service? 

In today’s digital age, top-notch computer security is a must-have for any business strategy. To keep your systems safe, look for a service that offers Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools, AI, and Machine Learning, along with a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC). This combo will help you stay on top of any potential threats and nip them in the bud before they cause real trouble. 

How can a password manager help? 

Remembering all those pesky passwords is a right pain, but using the same easy-to-guess one for every account is a security nightmare. A good password manager can help generate strong, unique passwords for all your accounts, and even throw in multi-factor authentication (MFA) for added security. Not only does this save you a headache, but it also helps protect against identity theft if dodgy websites get hold of your login details. Trust us; it’s a no-brainer. 

Why cloud backup is your digital lifesaver. 

If you use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspaces, you might think your data is safe and sound. But did you know they only keep your stuff for 30 days max? 

That’s why it’s crucial to have a proper off-site backup of your data, just in case. With cloud backup, your valuable data is stored separately from the main services, giving you that extra layer of protection against deletions, attacks, and other digital disasters. Better safe than sorry, right? 

Cyber security training: Worth its weight in gold 

Cyber security training is becoming more and more important in this interconnected world. Even if you’ve got top-notch security measures in place, your staff can still make mistakes if they’re not clued up on the risks. That’s why it’s essential to invest in proper training for your team, so they know how to spot and deal with potential threats. It’s like giving them a digital suit of armour. 

What about cyber insurance? 

As cyber security becomes more important, it’s worth looking into insurance options that could help cover costs related to a breach or attack. Just make sure you do your homework on what the policy covers before signing on the dotted line. Adding cyber insurance to your risk management strategy can give you peace of mind and protect your finances in case the worst happens.  

So, how much does it all cost? 

When we explain all the risks and the services we mentioned above, most folks think it’ll cost a pretty penny – like over £100 per person. 

However, do you know what the exciting part is? 

For all four preventative security measures (email, computer, and password security, plus backup and recovery), it’s just £36 (+VAT) per month! 

If you want to, you can educate your users too.

And if you don’t need all the services, you only pay for what you use. 

I told you it was less than you thought! 

When you think about the potential losses (we’ve heard stories of folks losing anything from a few hundred quid to hundreds of thousands!), it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and protection from cyber baddies. 

In a nutshell 

Cyber threats are no laughing matter, but by staying informed and taking action, you can help protect your business from digital disaster. 

Fortunately, there are lots of resources available to help you understand the risks and protect your business. 

Make sure you and your team have basic cyber security training, and invest in good cyber security policies and software. Make sure you keep up to date with the latest developments, and keep a close eye on any suspicious activity. 

Remember, prevention is better than cure, so take steps to protect your business before it’s too late.eats, it’s important to take a few simple steps like using strong email security, password managers, and backing up your data regularly. 

By doing so, you can reduce the risk of a security breach and keep your business running smoothly

Plus, getting clued up on computer security services and cyber security risks can help keep your vital info safe from digital rogues. And don’t forget about cyber insurance – it’s an extra layer of protection that could save your bacon in a crisis. 

 With these proactive steps, you’ll be well on your way to keeping the cyber baddies at bay.

Wishing you the very best of luck in all your endeavors!

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