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What is DMARC?

While SPF and DKIM offer email authentication, they lack reporting and sender control. These protocols verify if an email came from a legitimate source (SPF) and if the sender’s digital signature is valid (DKIM). However, receiving servers ultimately decide how to handle unauthenticated emails.

DMARC(Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) bridges this gap by giving domain owners more control. It’s a process for email authentication, reporting, and conformance. DMARC also enables reports to be sent back to the domain owner, revealing how emails are being authenticated.

Why should I care about DMARC?

Beyond authentication, DMARC boosts trust and email deliverability. While SPF and DKIM verify email origin and digital signatures, they don’t dictate how receiving servers treat unauthenticated messages. DMARC empowers domain owners to specify actions (e.g., quarantine, reject) for these emails, increasing trust with receiving email providers and improving delivery rates.

DMARC safeguards your domain and protects your clients. Cybercriminals could potentialy exploit your domain with spoofing or email attacks, however, DMARC helps prevent this by giving you control over how unauthorized and unauthenticated emails are handled. This not only protects your reputation, but also safeguards your clients from receiving illegitimate emails that could appear to be from you.