The only computer security that comes with a guarantee!

Will your antivirus pay if you get hacked and held for ransom? No?

We have a computer security solution that will! 

We pay £800 per computer that is breached – terms and conditions apply.

We have you covered!

Questions our customers asked before working with us

What Our Customers Say Now

We like to let our customers speak on our behalf to showcase how our cyber security helped them

Clare Gillbanks

Highly recommend that you chat to Francis about your home and business IT if you have not already – he is brilliant at highlighting where you can make improvements in your security to protect your business and then can put the steps in place.

Take his quiz if you are not sure

Sebastian Ong

Francis is a walking dictionary of security measures that business owners can take to secure their online business so that they do not have to waste time dealing with unnecessary digital losses and disasters. In a short 30 minutes session, he was able to discover at least three little known exposed areas of my digital presence that many would assumed was covered by their service providers

Tony K Silver

I have been networking for 14 year s and often meet Cyber security experts but Francis stands head and shoulders above them all. He is highly knowledgeable and very generous with his hints and tips. Highly articulate he does great presentations at events and is always there to give us updates and the latest news usually by way of a case study or story. Do you think you are cyber secure? I recommend that you speak to Francis to find out.

You Never Want Your Cyber Security To Only Be OK!​

Most business owners think their current anti-virus is sufficient, until it’s not.

If there’s one thing in your business to not just be ‘sufficient’ it’s your cyber security. Not when cyber crime is on the rise and hackers are hunting down your weak spots.

Invest in next gen computer security that will pay your ransom up to £800k if we fail to protect your computers.

We are prepared to put our money where our mouth is.

For an initial payment of just *£35 per computer we will install your security for you!

Enterprise Level Security At Affordable Rates

For an initial payment of just *£35 per computer, including your first month’s subscription we will install your security for you!

For a low monthly fee of only *£14.97 you get

✓ 250 strong security operations centre guarding you 24/7
✓ We detect, eliminate and notify you on any attack in under 3 seconds 24/7
✓ We pay any ransom if we fail to protect you up to £800 per computer
✓Giving you a peaceful night’s sleep

*All pricing is excluding VAT

Your Business' Data is The New Gold

One of the most serious threats to your business today is cybercrime. Think we’re joking? Around 46% of businesses have been attacked with ransomware, holding their systems hostage until they cough up.

Even if you don’t deal with sensitive data, you still need to access your computers to function and let’s be honest… Microsoft 365 isn’t enough to foil hackers and the scammers regularly pilfer the Cloud to get what they want.

In the last 12 months – every 19 seconds a UK company suffered a successful cyber-attack – Hiscox report

Get Security Everywhere

“You can click on anything and we will catch you when you fall”
Francis West
Security Everywhere (CEO)

Don't Wait For Cyber Attacks

The reality is your current antivirus won’t pay your ransom! The question you should ask is why not.

Will your team react to an attack on Saturday at 2am? Do you even have a team a place?

How many customers will you lose when you are responsible for their data loss?

We are willing to put our money where our mouths are, that’s why our next gen computer security includes a ransom guarantee. If we fail to protect you, we pay your ransom.

That’s it.
It’s only fair.