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Why Choose Security Everywhere for Your Back Up and Recovery Needs?

  • Cutting-edge technologies tailored to your unique business requirements
  • Expert team with years of experience in the backup and recovery industry
  • Proven track record with successful case studies and satisfied clients
  • Round-the-clock support monitoring to ensure your data remains the secure
  • Scalable solutions to grow with your business

Comprehensive Solutions to Safeguard Your Business Backups

Key Facts

  • API integrated to backup files in OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint as well as all Email, Calendar and Contacts data
  • Email data is backed up 6 times a day 
  • Shared mailboxes are backed up for free
  • OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint Data is backed up 4 times per day
  • Fully GDPR and ISO compliant with regional data centers and AES-256 data encryption
  • From our experience Preventions is the only cure!”

Take our Cyber Health quiz and see how secure your business is

The Success Stories

Our Clients rely on us to keep their email communications secure, and we’re proud of the difference we’ve made for them. Read what some of our customers have to say:

Dean Esnard, Director Magni Finance

As a mortgage broker, our main concern is protecting client data and ensuring we can always recover any lost data. SE have always done an amazing job at keeping us safe from any cyber threats and knowing that all our data in Office 365 is safely backed up. I would highly recommend them to any business

Ian Benjamin, Digital Execs Recruitment

Hey guys, this is Ian Benjamin from Digital Execs Recruitment as well as saying that Francis and his team at SE allowed me and my business to feel secure and they helped us kind of like demystify and unravel all the various different Security Options that are out there for our business to kind of protect our data loads of other bits and pieces the process the process is very simple and very cost effective. We don’t pay a lot of money, but I feel we are all very secure. And yeah, it’s very seamless sort of process. So 100% I recommend anybody to kind of to get involved.


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