365 Backup

Data loss through a cyberattack or human error can be devastating.
Prevent the panic with 365 Backup, creating your own secure copy of Office 365 emails, calendars and contacts as well as your Onedrive and SharePoint data.

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Priced per licensed mailbox per month, you can get 2 months FREE if you choose our Annual pricing!

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365 Backup

£ 4 97 per Month
  • Secure backup of your Office 365 data, up to 6 times per day
  • Protect your emails, contacts and calendars
  • Protect your Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams data
  • Simple, fast restores
  • Works in the background - you don't need to lift a finger!
  • Daily checks to ensure your backups are running

Frequently Asked Questions

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Microsoft does not have any backup systems. It does provide a deleted items recovery for 30 days for your emails and files, which is not guaranteed to work. Our backup system makes a complete copy of your emails, calendars, contacts and files so you can recover them at any time. This is very useful in the event where someone may have deleted any of this information – intentionally or otherwise. Quite often it’s needed by the business owners more than 30 days after the deletion date, so this allows recovery of important data.

 We will usually set you up with an admin account so you can connect to the backup portal and restore anything you need to. You can also send a request into our support team (support@security-everywhere.com) for assistance with this.

 You will receive an initial welcome email from our systems and we will then schedule an online session where you can put your credentials in to set up the protection. We do it this was for security purposes so you can always control the access.

 The initial setup can be done within 5 minutes as long as you have the correct login details for your systems. We usually take a little extra time to fine tune it to your environment, making sure it suits your requirements, setting up the OneDrive and SharePoint backups as these can often outnumber your mailboxes in terms of licenses.

It does not connect to your machine at all, so cannot slow you down. The backups solution talks directly to your Office 365 tenant and does the backup directly 3 to 6 times per day, depending on the access Microsoft grants.

Yes it does. Email data is stored for 7 years and OneDrive and SharePoint data for 1 year. Email is backed up (up to) 6 times per day whereas OneDrive and SharePoint is backed up (up to) 4 times per day, giving you many copies of the data to restore from.

You can choose to keep the backup for that user for as long as you need to be able to restore from it.

Yes, there is no interruption to your daily work at all so you can use everything as normal. All the backups occur in the background directly between Office 365 and the Backup platform.

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